Bohemian Farmhouse Arnamentia Face Steam Botanicals

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The earthy scents of woodland herbs, growing amongst the ferns on the forest floor, with the fresh minty aroma of sacred tulsi combine in the steam of the waters, rising up from the bowl to caress your face as you breathe deeply... When you use this herbal face steam, the steam carries the aromatics of the blossoms and leaves up into your pores, so that they get to work clearing, detoxifying and freshening the skin.  And what’s more you also breathe in this  combination, taking into your respiratory system the nourishing yarrow, sacred tulsi, nettle and plantain aromatic compounds.  Arnamentia is named after the goddess of flowing waters and spiritual healing, with her name translating loosely to “She of the Sacred Grove”.  It is said that she offers renewal of mind and peace and that is certainly how you feel after the refreshing experience of an herbal face steam. To use simply place a teaspoon of herbs in a bowl, cover with boiling water and place your head over the bowl for 3-5 minutes. You could also place a towel over your head creating a tent, for a more intense experience.

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